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By regularly posting on our website, and providing newsletters, we are able to keep you aware of matters which include your child’s development progress, planned activities, and upcoming events.

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Staying connected to our families is important to us. Every few months we will be publishing a newsletter for Centre. 

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General Information

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We believe that children can learn and grow when provided with a stimulating environment. We employ warm and caring individuals who offer guidance and maintain a creative program.

We encourage age appropriate, non-sexist, non-competitive and creative programming that allows children freedom of choice and an opportunity to gain independence and responsibility, and to develop a positive self-concept.

We believe in mutual respect and each child is treated as a respected individual.

Board of Directors

Our Centre is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine parent/guardian members. The Board meets regularly to set policies, plan events and deal with related child care issues. Parents/guardians are encouraged to run for positions on the Board of Directors.

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Our playrooms, both preschool and school age, are divided into “learning centres”. Some of the learning centres available are:

Each of these centres are available to all the children on a daily basis. Each centre has a specific number of play spaces and is designed to facilitate and enhance children’s play experiences.


Parents/guardians are asked to provide their child with a nutritious lunch, as well as their own am/pm snack and water bottle. Water is always available during the day and children are encouraged to help themselves.

Nutrition plays an important role in the total physical and mental health of the children. VCCI follows the Canada Food Guide to ensure these needs are met.

In keeping with ELCC regulations, we maintain a “peanut-free” environment at each of our locations.

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Online Child Care Registry

The Online Child Care Registry helps families find & apply for licensed Child Care Programs within Manitoba.

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Enrolling at VCCI

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis according to to the Centre's wait list.

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Registration Process

Before any child is admitted to a VCCI Centre, the parent/guardian must:

Registration Fees

Prior to enrollment parents/guardians are required to pay a registration fee as follows:

Registration fees will be held in the parents’ account and given as credit on their last invoice once notice of withdrawal is given.

Ages Accepted

Our Centres accept children 3 months to 12 years of age, in accordance with the license requirements of the Province of Manitoba. Village Child Care Inc. is licensed by the Early Learning and Childcare for the following:

3 months-2 years
2-5 years
School Age
5-12 years
River Road
25 Children
38 Children
8 Children
32 Children
20 Children



The billing schedule is calculated on a 20-day cycle, as set by ELCC. Each year has 13 billing periods and invoices are calculated on a four-week period. Fees are due two weeks after the receipt of the invoice. Payment may be placed in the parent fee box located in each playroom. Invoices will be emailed to parents at the beginning of each billing period.





School Age

School Age In-Service / School Breaks $20.80/day

Part time $5/day (4 hrs or less)

Forms of Payment

Payments must be made by cheque or money order.

Provincial Subsidy

Manitoba Child Care Subsidy is available for parents/guardians and is assessed according to the family income and need. For more information and to access application forms, please refer to this link:

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Parent Policy

Parents will receive policies for each site upon enrollment.


VCCI Code of Conduct

We strive to provide a safe, caring learning environment for all children, staff and families.